Problems with detecting Proofgrade, blurry preview

I sometimes have problems with the proofgrade not being detect. Zooming in I can see the QR code is quite blurry in the preview image.


What is going on here?

The Glowforge sometimes can’t register the QRC when the ambient light in the room causes a glare inside the machine’s top glass or through reflection inside the machine. Make sure there isn’t a strong point light source shining into the machine, like through a window from the sun or from a desk lamp or something.

When light interferes, then it can’t get the QRC and the camera can be blurry because it isn’t getting the proper height adjustment. Try entering the height manually of the material and then refresh the bed image.

Make sure the lens on the lid camera is clean. If you have been doing a light of work, sometimes that causes issues.


It can be overcome by selecting the material manually.
Scroll to top on left hand sidebar and there is a material selection box.
If not see your material in list, type in something to steer it that way in the left hand selection box, like ‘acrylic’, maple, or ‘leather’, etc.
Select the proper material from the list and you will be allowed to run proofgrade parameters on the design.

You are going to have scraps around without a bar code, even if only using PG materials. This is a work around for that and no difference between selecting it this way or getting the camera to recognize it (as far as I know).


Well aware I can select manually. My concern is more about the image being blurry.

Do that and see if the image becomes clearer.

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I apologize for my slow reply to your question!

It’s possible for the QR code to look blurry, but still be interpreted successfully by the app. In this case, I extracted the logs to investigate the problem you reported and the majority of the problems you experienced with Proofgrade not being detected were caused by either obstructions in the bed that obscured the QR code or by glare on the QR code sticker itself. If you adjust the lighting above your Glowforge, I think you’ll see the Proofgrade recognized more frequently. In addition, have you cleaned the camera lately – if not, that could help too.

I’m going to close this thread. If your Glowforge fails to recognize Proofgrade materials regularly, please let us know.