Problems With New Proofgrade Material!

Is anyone out there having the same problems with the new proof grade plywood materials the wood seems more brittle especially when engraving ,the plywood feels a lot cheaper now, very disappointed with the quality of the wood grain as well. I would of been more cautious if I had known glowforge had changed their plywood. Very Curious if other people are having the same problems and if there is any workarounds I just bought 250$ dollars worth, and feel very disheartened. Hopefully the other sheets do a lil better, I will post some pictures soon to show exactly what I am talking about. Any comments are input on this matter is much appreciated.

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I recently bought some pg ply and haven’t notice a big difference from my last order (which was fairly recent as well).

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Posting in this section opens a support ticket, so why don’t you post some photos that show the problem, so support will have something to work with when they get here?

Oh i didn’t know it opened a ticket i will show a comparison of two of the exact files on the new and old plywood.


Hello @parga32! Proofgrade hardwoods and plywoods are natural products, so each board is endowed with a distinctive pattern and grain all its own, and no two boards are alike. However, it sounds like you have some concerns.

I just went ahead and sent you an email to collect photos and take a look at the Proofgrade you received, so I’m going to close this topic.

Thank you for reaching out.

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