Problems with Order # R695500336, no reply from

On Jan 7, 2019- I log in to my newly created Glowforge customer account, and in the “Purchases” tab I find the message:

“There was a problem processing the following order. Please contact us at”

Jan 7, 2019- On this date and every other day for the next 14 days I send emails to requesting information on why there is a problem processing my order #R695500336 without receiving a reply of any sort.

Jan 21, 2019- Since I have not received a reply from for all my e-mails I have no option but to post in the “Problems and Support” forum in the “How to get Help” topic as @dan explains:

“If you have a problem you need handled one-on-one, like a missing receipt or a lost tracking number, then send an email to It’s best to either post in the forum OR email us - if you do both, we’ll have to close one before we answer, and it will take longer to get solved than if you just did one.”

I hate to bring private matters out into the open but there is NO live phone reply, NO e-mail reply, and NO explanation of what seems to be the problem with my order and why it has not shipped yet.

Please reply in private email with the following information:

1.- What is the nature of the problem with my order #R695500336 ?
2.- If a problem exists, how can it be resolved?
3.- When will my Glowforge Plus ship?

I look forward to your early reply.

R e g a r d s


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I’d suggest checking your spam folder, if you haven’t, and adding to your whitelist/contacts. Dan and other support staff have mentioned that for some reason some customers just aren’t receiving email through their support system/help desk (Zendesk, I believe), basically creating an environment where you can’t communicate back and forth.

They should get you squared away pretty quick after seeing this.

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Thanks @jbmanning5 for the suggestion. I received emails from in the past, but not since I found the “problems with your order” message, and I do have that email in my contacts list.

I also read about the problems with some emails getting lost in their system, so that is why I decided to post here. Hope that gets their attention.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Since the message you describe has to do with your specific account, we’ve followed up via email.

I’m going to close this thread, but you should have a reply from us to your earlier questions.