Problems with setup

I’m having a problem getting past the Terms of Service screen while trying to set up my 'forge (pro model fwiw). I’ve scrolled and read through all of the text and when I get to the bottom, the “I Agree” button is greyed out…clicking on it has no effect.

This is the URL that comes up when I type in “” per the instructions that came with the machine.

Browser is Explorer.

I’m sure that I’m missing something pretty basic…anyone have this problem?

I’d suggest giving it a try in another browser, e.g., Chrome.


It sent me here after agreeing to… whatever all that was…

Darn, I was hoping to participate in a class-action lawsuit if one ever sprang up.

I don’t have a GF yet but I tried it on my iPhone and it got me all the way to the connect Wi-Fi screen. Must be your browser.

What browser are they definitely supporting??

Do you mean actual Internet Explorer or Edge?

Yes, the interface has issues with Internet Explorer.

I believe officially supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Also, the most stable start in that order.


The only reason anyone should use vintage IE is for those occasional weird sites and gadgets that literally do not work with anything else. I can’t imagine it being a daily driver any more.

I am surprised that the GF interface doesn’t prevent you from proceeding without the right user-agent string.

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@PFI-Guy is right – would you try a different browser and let us know if you continue to have trouble, please?