Problems with the yellow button of frustration

So I’ve gotten the yellow button of death a bunch of times over the last day.
the first ones looked like my file was too complex. and then it worked most of last night, and the same file this morning doesn’t work. seems to fail more when it’s slow and less when it moves faster.

can someone look at the file and tell me what’s wrong (if something is)

and 2) glowforge, please find a way for us to look at the log files so that the machine can help me figure out what’s wrong. I get that not everyone wants this, but I find it extremely frustrating to have only a yellow button to tell me something is wrong… grrr…


nevermind… forgot to run simplify on the path. @#$%

Yellow button won’t be from a file, unless something has changed very recently.

It indicates a machine fault. This could be temp related. It could be that the ribbon cable connecting the head is loose or damaged. And probably some other things - those seem to be the two most common causes though.

The logs are accessible - instructions for accessing are here in problems and support. Search for They do not provide instructions on how to interpret them though.

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seems you’re right. drat… now to find my IP for the glowforge…

IP and URL for logs is

Just hold the button until it turns teal, connect the computer to the GF WiFi and browse to that address.

You don’t have to go back through set up. Just push the button to cancel set up, or power off and back on.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.