Processing slow/failing

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I don’t think any changes on the Glowforge side would have caused this or it would hang 100%. Something else is going on.


I am not doubting your issues or diminishing the frustration it causes. I simply don’t think it has anything to do with whether or not you subscribe to the Premium services. Have you tried reducing the number of nodes in you file or rasterizing?



When was the last time you cleared your browser cache or tried a different browser/device?


You’re being rude to someone who is genuinely trying to help you. You are now equally guilty of trying to guess someones thoughts and intentions. No one assumed that you are stupid. Even the smartest people in here overlook some of the simplest things. No one can possibly know how technically saavy you are.


It seems you don’t actually want any help from people that have been contributing to this community for over 7 years. That is ok. Sometimes users simply need to vent. I think your question has been answered. Premium will not change your experience.


You can either look for other solutions or sign up for Premium for one month and cancel immediately if it doesn’t solve your issue. I l guess lots of people would be interested if it turns out Premium changes your problem.


Some people don’t want help, they just want to vent. Deleting their original question is enough evidence of that.

The performance claim by GF is just marketing. There is no difference in the software, it just gets bumped to different cloud resources if you subscribe. There is no practical benefit, as variance in the few seconds of processing time has no impact on prints.


Here are the forum rules in case you missed them. FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum


TLDR “If you have Glowforge Premium, the server pool that takes the job are of an instance type with more compute resources than the standard pool.” Which is exactly what I suggested in my first post, and the ones following, and everyone acted like that couldn’t possibly be true.

Obviously this guy is wrong, when he’s talking about opening his files. I was talking about processing my files, which I clarified multiple times. And Dan’s response explains quite clearly that that part of the machines functionality is the part that PREMIUM customers will benefit from.

You really shouldn’t respond when you don’t even know what the original post was, your post makes no sense at all.

You seem to not have cared to understand what the problem actually was.

I can’t get any help because no one cared to read my posts in full to actually understand my issue. There’s a difference.

Maybe they should actually read my posts in full before responding.

What is it you want from the community?


Nothing, just making sure it’s known maybe you should take your time next time and actually understand what someone is asking. :upside_down_face:

I read all of your posts. I have read nearly all of everyone’s posts here in the forum. Your first post was yesterday. You are having trouble printing your earrings and you think maybe the Premium Subscription would solve the problem, Also, you have a tech savvy husband, 5 computers etc., etc.

I am sorry you didn’t get an answer to your problem. You were heard.



Unfortunately in real use it’s only a theoretical benefit. If the normal servers were overloaded but the premiums were not, you might see a faster time from pressing the GFUI print button & getting the white flashing machine button. Since you can’t see what it might have been you can’t tell if there was any appreciable speed up. Timings done by people before & after signing up for Premium showed negligible time savings.

For most designs the time spent in the servers is seconds at best. Then you add in the network time from your machine to their servers and back. Premium servers might save you half a second or so.

In the extreme case, you might see seconds of time savings but then you’d be doing something that would be taking hours to cut or engrave. If something is taking minutes between pressing print & getting the flashing white button it’s likely either a very complex design or something is wrong with the design which can be fixed in a design app like Inkscape, Affinity, Corel, etc.

Generally speaking, Premium servers is marketing more than a real benefit. The true usefulness of Premium is the access to some design tools and clipart that can be better served by dedicated design apps & the internet full of artwork. The other benefit which is likely the driver for many people is the ability to get design catalog items for “free”. Useful for someone knocking out products to sell but less useful for designers & makers.


The fact that my processing is crashing until I find just the right amount of information to send to the server tells me I am at times going over the limit of the RAM and probably the swap file as well. We can’t know the numbers they use, however, I don’t see how it is outlandish to think it might be beneficial for me to try out what they state as being instances with better resources. I am waiting to see if I can get a short trial of it though, because I don’t want to spend $50 for a single month, because if the improvement is good enough I will just pay for the year and get the lower monthly cost.

Add to that that I have spent years perfecting what is likely well over 100 custom settings for various prints, materials, etc, switching to rasterized images makes me have to redo all that work and testing, plus converting hundreds of files.

I was not lying when I said the performance has degraded more recently (as in the past year), it has. Perhaps updates to the application have made it that at a certain complexity of file, the standard servers bog down sooner than they used to. Also consider the time sink when the processing crashes (to be clear, the app stays open, the processing itself errors/crashes)and I have to start over, probably printing less at a time then on top of it, and further having to come back and set up another print, etc etc. If it simply didn’t crash during processing, it would be a huge time saver for me. I have had it work after crashing btw, one day prob a month ago now I had time, so I just kept hitting Print again and letting it process. It eventually completed on one of the attempts after about 15 minutes of processing. So 3X 15 minutes of processing, vs it possibly not crashing the first time. If that is the only improvement I get, I’ll take it.

In any case, I’ll await their response on the trial request. The fact is that no one here can possibly know my specific use case.