Program glitching

I need help to figure out if the problem is me or the website. everything is super slow and not letting me move stuff and when i go to print it will not prin t.

Try shutting down everything and starting over

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You can keep up with any issues at Glowforge here

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i did that. tried different browser and even different computer. i keep getting page unresponive

Once loaded, the app is completely local to your computer or tablet. It only talks to the cloud to update changes, the thumbnail, or when you hit Print.

Did you recently update your Antivirus? That’s the one thing I know there were issues with a little while back.

I just loaded my most complex design, it has 38,000 nodes, and everything is working as it should. Took less than 10 seconds to upload (it’s close to 2MB) and process, and can be moved around as fast as my mouse (trackpad) can move


Also turn off any ad blockers in case they are interfering.

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