Project Brainstorm - Node Hardware to Connect Panels Together

I’m rather confidant this already exists in form or part elsewhere, but until I find out what it’s called I figure I’d put it here and maybe deliberate a bit on the subject.

The “project” I’d like to brainstorm is a classy way to connect a multi-sheet design together when mounted on a wall/surface.

So with an image/design spread across multiple panels, a widget to space the panels away from each other by some set distance, or no distance, and to mount the actual panels to the wall or surface.

So this little node guy holds up the corners of a panel - as is it’s a single part but could easily be two. I’m also picturing a second/third part to space the work panel off the surface. There’s also the prospect of tiny LED’s and a power cable for edge-lit but I’ll leave that alone for now. Nodes could be glued to a panel, or simply just resting on the notches once the nodes are located and tightened down.

Thoughts? Anyone seen anything like this before?


Those looks strikingly like tile spaces for putting up floor or wall tiling. And while those plastic spacers might be effective if mounted, I doubt that’s quite the aesthetic you were looking for


You could sandwich them between two disks - but would still need a hole through it if it had hardware going through. Shape is spot on though!

Amazon - Floor Tile Spacers 1/4"


I wonder how long an engrave of that depth would take? If time and tube life is not a concern, then so be it. Maybe 3 pieces? Two circles with holes and a cross with holes in between. Or just one circle and a cross. The cross would be the same thickness as the panels and require a little dowel or something to connect them. Maybe squares instead of circle holes so you could laser out square dowels.

There’s something sort of like this used for metal wire mesh cubby holders.


Would be interesting to see but don’t think that’s the way to go.
Like you said, 3 pieces: two disks and a cross, holes through all of them and glued together.
No need for a dowel except for maybe holding concentricity.


Ah… holes for mounting. I get it now, I think.

Here, a 4-way standoff!


Ding ding ding we have a winner.

Sure look nice in aluminium but at $12/ea…

You can use the same concept to make it homebrew. Cut two discs and one cross spacer for each connection, all secured to the wall using the same mounting screw to sandwich them together.

Or mount the “lower” disc to the wall with double side foam tape, but with the female side of a sex bolt stuck in through the back. Then the male bolt would use the outer disc as a cosmetic cap that you could easily unscrew to change out the art panels as you wish.

Just keep in mind that the more hardware and time added to make it work, the closer you get to the $12 solution being reasonable. Of course if you have an installation that needs 20 of them that’s changing things.


Something like you are suggesting would be great to see in the store alongside all the Proofgrade materials. @dan and crew could source them easily. Or clever 3D printed piece(s)

Here is a commercial multiple picture panel standoff. The bottom piece screwed to wall with top piece screwed on and panel sandwiched between the top and bottom


The homebrew version might look nice with fancy wood or acrylic for the top layer, or even an engrave that becomes part of the overall design.