Project Dump

These are recent yearly projects for a local robotics team. This year I used the GF to score Siser Easyweed HTV (white-laser safe) to speed up the shirts. My craft cutter was just destroying it and I had so many to do that the GF was the cleanest and fastest choice. I used the settings I found here on the forum.

I also engrave legos every year to make the name tags. I mask them, then hit them with a coat of spray paint. The GF is also used to make the lego jig I created specifically to engrave the legos accurately.

Daughter had a birthday party to attend where the birthday girl is a huge Elvis fan. Figured this was the perfect excuse to play with making a faux record clock. This is cut from proofgrade medium black acrylic and the proofgrade frosted acrylic. I used Weld-on 4 to bond the layers together, and unfortunately I bought the wrong sized clock movements (first time putting a clock together), so I had to run down to Michaels and get the right size.

The center label was printed on sticker paper and then hand cut (I could’ve used my Silhouette but I was trying to use a small piece of scrap paper and didn’t have room if I was printing registration marks).

This monstrosity has been bouncing around in my head for a while. Just thought I’d share because it’s finally done and over with. I’m covered in paint that I can’t get off. If anyone is curious about the bow, it’s a piece of scrap fabric from my hoard that I ripped a strip off of. It says “Motherhood: If you’re not exhausted, you’re not doing it right.”

Now to tackle my backlog of projects…


Cool projects. I almost passed out when I saw the record album. :slight_smile:


Yeah, not vinyl, but I also wouldn’t cut up a perfectly good record… they made a huge comeback and are too expensive to do that :rofl::rofl:


The clock gets my favorite vote!


I was listening to his music the entire time I was making it.


These are all great but the pie and lattes is my favorite…makes me hungry :upside_down_face:


My daughter is going to eat me when she finds out I ate the last piece of pie…


Love the faux album clock! :grinning:


Hey, great projects! I can identify with the pie/lattes sign, and the Elvis clock is perfect—bet she was thrilled.


Pie & Lattes… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


An awesome clock! I can hear Elvis singing, and I want a latte.