Project files reset to previous save state

I have an issue where work I’ve done in a project file (rearranging pieces in the GFUI) is not saved when the project file is opened on a different computer. This is very frustrating since it erases previous work.

(1) I open the file and is a messy arrangement of pieces. I create two efficient tesselations on the GFUI computer A and print to machine 1
(2) later on, I open the file on computer B and the file reset to the messy arrangement. I print to machine 2.
(3) I get back on computer A and remake the tesselated version. I leave and exit the file many times. I also print to machine 1 a few times. I closed the GFUI after I was done.
(4) Later, I clear cookies on computer B and log out and back in.
(5) I open the file on computer B and it reset to the messy arrangement again.

Both computers are Windows, open the GFUI on Chrome, and are on different wifi networks.

What can I do to avoid this problem? Make copy as whenever I make substantial changes? I thought it was a cookie issue :frowning:

File: Glowforge - the 3D laser printer

Messy arrangement: Screenshot_20211008-131929_Chrome

Tesselated arrangement:

What happens on computer A if changes are made on computer B?

I would probably log into the site on computer A in an incognito browser to rule out any plugins that may be hindering the auto save process. The document is saved every couple of seconds (you can see it on network traffic) but it’s possible your ad-blocker is blocking the attempts.


Computer A shows the version last edited on computer B

Interesting, I can give that a try. I am also editing other project files and they have not had the time issue (i.e. a messy arrangement is re-organized into tessellations on computer A, and both computer A and B see the new tessellations)

I just find it very strange that I can close and re-open the file multiple times on computer A for sevearl hours, only for it to disappear once it’s opened on computer B the next day.

You mentioned clearing cookies but I’d clear the cache as well.

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Hello Lucy,

I am very sorry you are having issues with you the Glowforge app not retaining the orientation of your parts between devices.
It seems the community has listed some great ideas to check.

If you haven’t I would try the following:
1. Confirm your browser is on the current version for both computers. If not, update them to the latest versions and try again.
2. Please try opening in a different browser.
3. Open the file in incognito mode on both machines.
4. Clear your cache.

Please try each of these steps and let me know how it goes. f you are unable to resolve the issue, please let me know and I can determine the best next steps.

Thank you,

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