Project overload


I’ve had my new page up about a week and a half so far ( and have been posting creations like crazy. It’s been hard to keep up with posting here. Going to just post all the newer photos here for you all who are not in the Facebook groups or following my page yet.

If you want to keep up to date with all my projects just like my page on Facebook:
I have also created a notes tab for everyone with a glowforge for all my non proof grade settings in one place. All settings for the projects in the photos below can be found there.


Excellent work! You have definitely been busy :grinning:


Yeah, i like the tools and games lamp! :grinning:


Some nice work. I have Facebook … but, only visit to see family photos.

Pretty much only have time for this fabulous forum! I’ve learned so much from everyone … and everyone here is using the same machine.


I like the simple 6 pack holder, I’ve been making different ones for friends