Prongs bent

Just got my forge and couldn’t connect the ribbon wire to the printhead. Further inspection shows the prongs are bent and misaligned. Haven’t even powered it up, any suggestions?

I think the only thing you can do at this point is to post photos and wait for the glowforge support staff

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Not sure I have a camera that can zoom in enough for everyone to see the prongs. It’s awfully small in that space :frowning:

Phone? perhaps with a closeup app.


I’ll give it a shot …


Will be a bit of a pain for sure. I was able to get a pic with my iphone 5 but it took about a dozen tries.

still not the best tho heh

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Yep still trying🤣 but as you can see on yours they all look straight. The last three on mine are squished over almost together. I will post tomorrow when I am a little less frustrated. TY👍🏻

I found having the flash on seemed to help and taking multiple pics and sifting through the blurry ones hehe. Also putting something behind the board will help it focus.


Yep until I took it out to connect the ribbon wire for the first time upon unboxing. Didn’t force it , stopped after it didn’t click in. Felt stupid… then decided to look at the print head and saw the prongs were not right☹️

Take the pic with the head removed from the tray it snaps onto?

(I had forgotten you had to connect that the first time you install the head…)

A real bummer for sure but things like that happen. Support will contact you in the next little while and do what needs to be done to get you up and running. all tho im not sure what that will require off the top of my head.


What a buzzkill.
I have retained my jeweler’s tools so my reaction would be to straighten them using very fine needle nose pliers, or even tweezers. That’s just me.
Eyeballing the spacing between the pins it would be easy enough to straighten them to where it looks right, and being careful, by “feel” seat the ribbon cable until it clicks.

Hold off until you hear from support, you have a new machine there and you don’t want to compromise your warranty. Good Luck!


I just got my Glowforge today and ran into the same exact problem. Just sent in my photo asking how to get a replacement. I hope it doesn’t take as long as it did to get the machine!

Well all I took the plunge this AM and used a large sewing needle to gentle push the prongs into alignment. I feel cross eyed from trying to see in there but patience and going SLOW was worth it. Tried to reattach and it snapped right into place. Everything is attached and powered on. Thanks All!!!


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Thanks, everyone! This one was pretty tricky, but it looks like this problem got solved! I’m going to go ahead and close the thread now. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, feel free to open a new thread or contact us directly at and we’ll be happy to help.