Proof Grade Fire Flares

Hey Guys! Anyone else experience really crazy flares using proofgrades after the latest update? Everything else works well but the proofgrades. It’s set to the proper settings and all but now it chars and flares like crazy. I don’t know how to fix it.

Which material are you seeing it on, and what kind of machine do you have? (Basic, Plus, Pro?)

Basic :slight_smile:

Any of the proofgrades I use is doing this. Acrylic, draftboard, and thick cherry.

Just got down using the PG draftboard and PG Cherry i had no flares…

Boooo. It’s probably a machine then. Hopefully tech support can find some answers for me. I just deep cleaned it too.

I wonder if the cleaning didn’t give you a stronger beam. (Usually power falls off when the lenses and windows are dirty.)

I cleaned it because of the flares. I figured that may be why they were occurring…

It could be the fan under the gantry quit or not working. I make sure i clean it with q-tips and either Kaboom or Windex…


I cleaned the fan too. Thinking that would help. Still the same problem.

Well support probably does need to take a look at it…do you have any pictures of recent Proofgrade projects using the default settings?

(Sometimes the design itself can factor into the charring.)

Sounds like the air assist isn’t delivering the normal airflow.
Mine needed cleaning …Bad.


Yeah, that’s just insane. :smile:

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yea, mine not as bad but it needed it…

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Holy cow!!! I think I’m going to try cleaning again and I may replace the dryer hoses. I think that’s way over do.

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If you watch it while a print is running, do you see the flame being blown out, towards the front of the machine, with a really strong stream of smoke headed in that direction?

If not, it might well be the fan on the carriage plate. That one provides the air that blows the flames out. To see it, you have to look down behind the gantry. (It’s not one you normally hit with general cleaning.)

Definitely one to check though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! That’s exactly what happens! The flame is blown forward and there is crazy smoke that follows! Which I assume is an indicator that the fan is working.

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With the machine off, pull the gantry all the way forward and lean over to look behind it you can just see the edge of that small fan. The fan would still blow, just like my filthy one did, but it may be restricted.

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That’s good, that’s what it is supposed to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yay! Okay! That’s what I thought. While the app is down I think I’m going to try cleaning again and replacing the hoses. Hopefully, that helps :slight_smile: