Proof grade material

Has anyone used paper and card stock? Where can I buy proofgrade paper and cardstock? Thanks

They don’t have a line of Proofgrade paper yet. (Dan mentioned at one point that they were thinking about it but it might have been shelved temporarily in favor of other more critical issues.)

There are a lot of settings for various papers and cardstocks listed in the Beyond the Manual category. If you use the Search tool for “paper” and “settings” there you should be able to find lots of good starter settings. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok thanks

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Remember that Proofgrade means “Glowforge sells/manufactures it”. You aren’t going to find Proofgrade materials anywhere but from the Glowforge store.

Regular paper and cardstock works fine. It’s not thick enough to have the inconsistencies that plywood and other materials might have. You have to be careful with paper because it will ignite more easily, and can get blown around by the air assist if cutting very small pieces. I’m on a plane at the moment, so don’t have any recommended settings available, but I’ve cut 110lb card stock qute a bit.