Proof-ready Material Turnaround

Does anybody have any experience with the general shipping time for proof ready materials? I’m still experimenting with the materials that came with my GlowForge, but if I start getting orders, I need to know how long it takes to get the materials in.


Mine was abut 7 to 10 days from the time i ordered. The fastest was 5 days


PG shipping is very inconsistent, in my experience. i’ve gotten it in a few days and it’s taken more like the 7-10 days @gamn1958 mentioned. and i’ve seen people report longer times. i personally wouldn’t rely on PG shipping in a particular timeframe if you are working on orders with deadlines.


I ordered a whole bunch on Saturday the 20th, it shipped yesterday and is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday, the 25th.

I only live a few states away from the distribution point, though, so I may be a speedy-outlier.

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