Proofgrade across Europe; get notified when your favorite materials are available; higher speed for raster images only: 1/20/20 Latest Improvements


Some great improvements, Rita, thanks!
Especially the proofgrade shop alert - very useful.


Nice! Can someone explain what data was used to say whether or not high speed engraves for vectors were not suitable? I used high speed engraving with vectors and I thought they came out fine. Perhaps it is an equipment issue?

Also, will there be more shipping options for materials going to international destinations? Fedex International Economy was expensive (over 100 euro) for just a few pieces. I gather the rate is for a larger weight (website suggests lowest weight is 68kg) and I assume it was chosen because it also included customs services. Any chance there is a rate we can get for lower material weights? Any insight is appreciated.


People have been posting in Problems and Support with glitches and shifts in their engravings. I guess some of those are connected to this feature.

What I don’t understand is why it makes a difference. Vectors have to be rasterized to be engraved, whether it’s in your own software or by the Glowforge Cloud. I’m having trouble imagining what could cause the issues that have been seen to apply only to “vector engraves”. And I’m usually pretty imaginative when it comes to software issues.


The vector engraver runs down a separate, older code path than the bitmap engraver.


@Rita is there a change that in the not so far future we can choose the shipping companies? $135 for shipping alone is to much (plus Taxes and Customes). I don’t need the material 4 days after ordering - after all I’m used to wait by now… :wink:


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