Proofgrade arrived!

Any discernible pattern for how long lasers arrive after proofgrade? Completely random? FWIW it has been ~9 days so far.


I recommend some hydration while waiting.


Yes…this was just an excuse to post a picture of a Halloween decoration that I should have put away before Thanksgiving.

Still, I AM interested in knowing if getting proofgrade materials would signal the forge is coming soon. :smile:


Good tip. Will pass it on.

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Mine was about a 2 week wait in between, but I think it’s gotten a bit quicker recently.

Things are some what random but yeah getting your proofgrade says the process is happening.

Thanks. I don’t even have the garage sorted ready for the laser anyway…still hopeful that it will arrive in time for holiday cards/gifts

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I’m at day 14 after my Proofgrade arrived without a notice that the Forge has shipped, FWIW.

That hasn’t been a long wait yet.
No cobwebs.


I know this last 3 weeks since my November 3rd e-mail have seemed longer than the previous two years. Proofgrade arrived and then silence. My son took off next week and we were hoping it would be here. Its like the final torture.


Are any of you signed up on the crowdfunding Wait Board? For a while 3 weeks between e-mails was the norm but it seems to have slowed down.


Ha! Yes, still a ways to go

I’m in the same boat. Have next week off. Got the “shipping” email on 10/27, proofgrade on 11/14…would be great to get it during my time off but I’ll enjoy the break either way.


My proof grade hit my doorstep on 11/7, still haven’t gotten the UPS email about the laser, but on another thread @wanderingwood got theirs (their order was on 10/14/15, mine 10/16/15) though first shipping emails and proof grade were on the same days . Hopefully that helps? Guessing minimum two weeks depending on when your initial order was made. Can’t remember being this impatient about much of anything for a very long time.

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For me it was around a month from PG to GF

Thanks all! A coworker of mine got his only a couple of days after the proofgrade arrived. Seeing folks who have had it take longer makes me feel better about not hearing anything yet.

Mine arrived about 3 1/2 weeks after the proof grade Pkg.

To follow up; My GF Pro arrived on Monday.

Date breakdown for those keeping track:
Order date: 10/19/15
Shipping email 10/27/17
Proofgrade arrived 11/14/17
Crumbtray arrived 12/2/17
GF arrived 12/4/17