Proofgrade Delay?

Hi all, just wondering if there is an issue with Proofgrade delivery lately. I have my Glowforge already and I have been ordering Proofgrade regularly. The last 2 shipments came within a week and I usually had a shipping confirmation emailed to me within a day or two after ordering. I placed another order on April 5th and one on April 10th and have not gotten a shipping email for either one. I’m almost out of materials (draftboard mainly) and I need some for a couple of customer orders.

Any news or ideas?

makes me mildly nervous about ordering if i have a specific need with a deadline.

i wonder if they’ve had some ramping up to do with all of the new machines going out and the customer base getting much larger and just can’t keep up. there have also been a few QC issues with wood finishes i’ve seen (and experienced personally once back in Feb).

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Well it has been such a gradual and predictable ramp up due to the slow roll out of machines that I can’t imaging a more controlled store opening. It has a defined customer base with a defined ramp up and a small product line. They have had plenty of time to sort it out, but it is like everything else, they haven’t.

They have known all along that their web shop would need to sell world wide but years later it still doesn’t. How can that be possible?

Odd. I ordered a bunch Sunday (8th) and it’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.

or they have had QC issues that have severely affected supply for some materials? or they’ve had an unexpected run on some specific materials that are holding up some orders?? or some combination of those plus other factors?

i mean, lots of things are possible that aren’t “we didn’t plan well enough.” i know you personally don’t want to believe it’s anything but GF incompetence.

it would be interesting to see what materials are taking a while to ship and which ones are shipping faster.

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I ordered ply. Maple, cherry and walnut, medium and thick.

Hopefully they are redesigning the shipping boxes. :smile:



The box I received this week was completely open, the tape had torn on the top and there was nothing to hold anything in the box. Fortunately nothing was missing from it, or damaged. There was one of the strips of inflated air bubbles in the box for “protection”. I think there were a total of 5 bubbles on the strip, though only 1 of them had any air in it. The other ones were all deflated.

UPDATE: Just got my confirmation and tracking number this morning for the 2nd order I made on April 10th (to be delivered April 13th), but still no email for the one I made on April 5th… which, of course, is the one with the draftboard I need ASAP for customer orders. I checked my purchase history to make sure the order when through and it’s there. I just hope I get that email today otherwise I have to see if I can find a similar material somewhere local.

I need something that will hold paint well and is either 1/8" or 1/4" max… ideas?

MDF from HD or Lowes is probably fine (especially 1/8"). I’ve used it in place of Draftboard. (I use the MDF underlayment they have in 1/8 4x8’ sheets for class projects as a sheet is something like $8 which makes it super cheap to waste on students :slight_smile: but it’s got a pebbled finish on one side.)

Baltic Birch is also good - locally I get mine at Woodcraft. I also get it from Amazon in 12x12 squares or 12x24 sheets.

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Can’t say I’m “glad” that someone else is having shipping issues, but this is the longest I’ve had to wait for a package as well. Like most things, if I complain, they tend to sort themselves out that day (other than my support ticket from a week and a half ago still waiting there :pensive:), but I’ve been tracking mine since the 2nd and now it’s in limbo, because it was transferred to the post office ?? instead of finishing with UPS. I haven’t had that happen before, at least not with proofgrade, and in any case, i didn’t receive an updated tracking number when it did this three days ago.

I don’t believe this is the work of glowforge for mine, though, as much as it is UPS handling it. Does suck though that I’ve been waiting as long as I have, which just means I’ll have to plan accordingly to this shipping standard which means, in my experience, a week, to two weeks of shipping.

It’s a SurePost shipment. Those are carried the long distance by the common carrier (UPS, FedEx) and then the “last mile” by the post office. I’ve not seen that with big heavy things like a PG order before but it happens for me all the time with Amazon - and that’s a good thing because those are delivered on Sat & Sunday when UPS won’t deliver here (even though I’m in between 2 major UPS warehouses/centers no more than 12 miles away).

You don’t get another tracking number when it moves from UPS to USPS for SurePost delivery. The originating carrier number is still tied to the package.

Thanks for the clarification. My post office is either lazy, or convenient depending on your perspective, but they’ll never actually deliver a package too large for the mailbox. It’ll sit at the post office and they’ll bring a notice to your home, so it’s nice that they don’t leave it out for someone to grab, but inconvenient having to go to the post office to get it, especially when your work hours don’t line up with theirs.

Anyway, hopefully it shows up in the next day or two, I’ve got some fun projects I’m wanting to get to!

They toss mine behind the mailbox. Or put it in a nice bag and tie it off of the outgoing mail indicator.

I was just complaining about Surepost the other day. Shipped on Tuesday from within Texas and the tracking showed an ETA of next Tuesday. It showed up today!

Apparently you do get a new tracking number, but you would have to see it under additional information on a desktop site. I’m really hoping the tracking is mistaken, because it says it won’t be here until the 20th and I placed the order on the 31 :tired_face:.

I hope that I’m as fortunate as you were in this situation! I’ve places 3 or 4 orders from Glowforge and this is the first one that I’ve had issues with like this. Dang.

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Huh, I should be nicer to mine. If it doesn’t fit he’ll walk it down the driveway and stick oversized stuff on the front porch.

Attached a metal milk crate to the back of my mailbox. If the package doesn’t fit the elderly couple who deliver my mail will drive up the steep 1/2 mile long rocky driveway and hand it to me. Did it for a Proofgrade delivery a couple weeks ago.


Let us know how the finish on that maple ply feels. The finish on my last order of felt & looked just like the raw maple I’ve been using on a project. Definitely not like I’d received in the past. (though support claimed it was)

Got it yesterday and it looked normal to me. I got some bout 2 weeks ago as well (all gone now) and it looked good too. I’ve only had a problem once, and that was months ago, and with cherry if I remember correctly.

cherry was the one i had problems with and it was back in February, so I wonder if we got some of the same batch.