Proofgrade Gift Certificates?


My birthday is coming up and my family is asking for ideas. I already gave up Christmas, Anniversary, and Father’s day gifts for the Glowforge. Any chance of buying Proofgrade Gift Cards? Maybe in the $25 to $50 range? Hopefully enough to make something nice.


Cool idea! Not yet, but will put it in the feature request hopper.


Ha ha, it never hurts to ask :smiley: great idea!


ask them for a pre-paid Visa credit card. then you could get your supplies .:smiley:


They typically have a 3 dollar or more activation cost. Not a great conversation rate. A lot of people want to give a “real” gift, and those feel like giving money to me and must to some others too. Gift cards don’t always feel like giving money, especially for restaurants and experience based activities.


I hope that we will also be able to purchase Proofgrade materials on Amazon with free and fast prime shipping.

Will you have a showroom/shop at your SoDo office? The


Once we get our GF’s we’ll be able to give money in creative ways - puzzle boxes, handmade wallets, etc. I also like to get new bills from the bank and turn them into a “pad”.A pad of 25 crisp $1 bills (tear them off like a pad of paper) is more of a conversation piece than a $25 gift card - and spends anywhere. Making the pads is easy ( I bought the “adhesive” on Amazon but it is almost like elmers glue - maybe more flexible/rubbery however). The bottle I got will last for hundreds of pads ( I make them out of index cards , money, etc)


This would be ideal. I have been a Prime member for years and years.
Would you guys sell on Amazon Prime @dan? Hopper idea at least? :wink:


It would be good way to politely ask my in-laws for materials at Christmas. I’m up for gift cards.


In my family there is a tradition that when we want to do a gift :gift:but we would like to buy something exactly someone need or want (example: dresses, wallets, shoes) we make our own Gift Cards that usually are handmade :love_letter: (can be cards, letters, or portraits).

This way they get something you would like, but you also get the surprise gift of the card instead of only money :slight_smile:


This was a long time ago, but I have to ask again. Any chance of this coming up before Christmas? It would top my list!


I’m afraid we don’t have anything planned.