Proofgrade hardwood: bigger sizes?


Proofgrade Hardwood is only available in 6 x 12.

Will it be available in 12 x 20 like the plywood?

Is there a reason (other than sourcing or some internal reason we’re not privy to) that it is not available in a bigger size?



Very difficult to slice a hardwood log into thin pieces in that width without creating a great deal of waste. It’s hard to make a thin slice of hardwood that is wide, it might take a piece 1/“4 - 3/8” thick to begin with that is then planed down to 1/8". I’d not expect to see wider than 6" without a huge premium in price.


n.b. Inventables stocks a variety of hardwood planks and also only sells 6x12 units of it so far as I’ve seen so far.

They will probably lose a large quantity to warping at that size. Sawmills are reluctant to do anything under .5” at those dimensions.


I don’t have insight into what’s coming next, but I will pass on the request!

While not proofgrade, I have found that has a good selection of 1/8" hardwoods that are up to 12" wide in some species. It’s pretty easy to trim off 4" from the 24" length and apply my own masking.