Proofgrade Hardwoods in larger/different sizes?

Currently, you have 6x12, and 8x36.
Is there any chance of getting some #x20 sizes? Like 8x20 should be doable if you can do 8x36, but ideally a 12x20 size for them would be awesome. Even a 10x20…


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Obviously, not answering for the company. They might be able to find a supplier, though it’s difficult to find a source of reasonably priced hardwoods in larger widths. There is a major difference in how the plywood veneers and the solid hardwoods are produced.

Hardwoods are a slice of a tree. The wider the slice, the larger the tree must be, and the more difficult it is to find an unblemished section.

The plywood veneers are created by peeling a thin slice around the tree. Much like pulling paper off of a roll of paper towels.

I have often wanted wide slices of hardwood for projects. Unfortunately the cost increases much faster than the number of square inches of material would imply.

Edit: Ok. Understand now. You aren’t asking for wider wood. You are asking them to sell shorter wood to fit the Basic.


I was noticing the same thing. I have wished that at least the Proofgrade plywood would have a core roughly the same color and density. I guess the philosophy is that the edge burn will negate the need.

But they already have since the materials on the store are already in 36" width so 20<36. So not sure why they are selling materials that don’t fit on the bed (sure I get the 36 would be for pro-users) but they should ALSO make a 20" size for us basic owners…


yeah, i’d love to see the 8x20, too. it would also be a lot cheaper to ship than ordering the 8x36 and cutting it down.

the 10 or 12" pieces, as @rpegg mentioned, could be much more problematic. hardwood pieces do get much harder to find as you get wider. go to a local hardwood supplier or one of the larger online suppliers and you’ll find the selection is broadest at 3" wide and then begins to get much more expensive per sq in and less options for every inch you add to width.

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Yes, I know getting larger hardwood pieces is more costly (I have bought some locally), so getting a 10x20 or 12x20 proofgrade piece of hardwood is going to cost a more. The larger sizes are definitely out there.

Maybe it’s not really worth it for glowforge to offer that size since the cost would limit the sales. I would buy some for certain projects, but it would not be a significant amount if I’m the only one.

However, it should be fairly easy for them to sell an 8x20 piece, since they already have an 8x36 offering.

Also, the plywood end edges, especially for walnut, ruin the look for things like boxes or other pieces where you can see the end edges. I clean up my stuff after cuts, so the laser charring doesn’t “hide” the issue.


Ahh…I see…the length…20”. Totally agree.

Thanks for asking. I don’t have any information on any other sizes of Proofgrade Hardwood, but have passed along your feedback and requests.