Proofgrade is shipping from UK

Hello all.
Been using my Glowforge quite a bit, but as every non-us user knows, it’s too expensive to source proofgrade materials… However, now I just noticed that this has been posted on the shop:
“Proofgrade materials are available across the US, UK, and Canada today.”

But how exactly do I choose to have it shipped from the UK? Or where do I find resellers?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am sure our friends in Europe and Canada are cheering :partying_face: My guess would be to just order it and If your address is in Europe then it will be shipped from there. You will see it in the final price before you hit “go for it” when you buy. I suppose also that availability might be different also, as I would not want it shipped to Florida from the UK instead of Washington State even if the distances are similar.

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You would think, but the materials I’ve tried so far still costs more than $100 to ship (we’re talking 1 sheet of a PG material. That price is completely unrealistic and GF should have another look at their shipping calculator/agreement - But that’s another story).

There doesn’t seem to be any shipping from UK from the Glowforge Shop


Being “available across the US, UK, and Canada” is not the same as “shipped from local facilities in the US, UK, and Canada” – in this case it appears to indicate they now ship it to the UK and Canada from the US.


Think it just means PG is available in those countries, not that it ships from anywhere except the US.


They’ve done that for quite a while, and also outside of UK to the rest of Europe, so that would be a weird statement :slight_smile:

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Then why not Australia that has many Glowforge folk.

Beats me — that’s just the way English works.

I’d suggest sending an email to support or grabbing them on chat and asking the question about where they’re shipping from.

Nope. When GF launched you could only buy PG in the US. After a while they made it available in the UK and Canada - I think this is the same notice from like 3 years ago!

Yes, you can buy it and have it shipped to the UK.

Yes, the shipping calculator - or their choice of shipper - makes shipping costs absolutely insane.

However, it seems it costs $100 whether you buy one item or lots. So I suggest buy in bulk once only. While you are getting some PG, get yourself some spare parts too. Lens in particular.


Or buddy up with other users and make a bulk purchase. Did that in Hawaii when I was turning pens. A group of us bought over 100 pen kits, saved on shipping and got bulk pricing from the seller.

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