ProofGrade label flaring up

When doing 3D Engrave on clear acrylic, the ProofGrade label bursts into flames to the point where the underlying acrylic is darkened to where I had to discard that print. The work-around is to peel off the label before engraving on that corner of the board, and manually setting the material, so it’s not a huge problem, but I’m mentioning it because perhaps it’d be possible to implement less flammable labels, so that new owners don’t have this issue with PG material. Of course, if you went back to the idea of printing PG QR codes onto the masking, that’d fix this. And if you repeated the pattern across the masking, then it’d eliminate the need to avoid cutting the QR code until last (if you use sheets for multiple jobs, as I do).


I always use the side without the label, makes things a lot less worrisome =)


I just had the same issue last night, but only with the clear acrylic so far.

That’s clever - much less work than peeling the label off. Though kinda defeats the goal of PG material, to a degree. Do you do that just on the ‘last job’ on a sheet, or all the time?

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AFAIK, this has always been the goal – UV codes across the masking. The printed paper label is a beta feature that’s still planned to change.

I take your point, but it takes two clicks to select recent materials manually in the upper left. Plus a bit of scrolling/searching if you haven’t used it in a while.

Over the past 8 months, I’ve collected boxes of :proofgrade: scraps, so I have to manually enter the material more than half the time. I’m looking forward to the UV coding, but it hasn’t slowed me down to date.

YMMV, of course. :wink:


I just select the material from the list. Takes less time than trying to peel the label off. Also when you peel the label it makes the masking uneven so any engraves in that area will still be off.


UV codes are still on our work list, but thank you for the feedback!

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