Proofgrade Mateials and IKEA ALGOT Baskets

When I went shopping at IKEA last week for a table to put my Glowforge (arriving tomorrow!) on I saw these ALGOT frame/baskets on display and realized that the dimensions for the baskets are perfect for the initial box of Proofgrade materials that came before my Glowforge. I assembled the thing tonight and lo and behold it fits like a charm.

So in case you’re looking for something cheap to store Proofgrade sized stuff in this is a good option. And if you get it without the top board like the one on the IKEA site it’ll be even cheaper and it’ll fit snugly under the $25 LINNMON/ADIL Glowforge-sized table! Think I got it for a bit over $30. Do make sure you get the cheapest ALGOT baskets though; the fancier ones are more expensive and I think it’ll be harder to get stuff out of them since their mesh is finer.