Proofgrade materials have sticky residue

Just opened my proofgrade pack of materials and I noticed all of them have a stickt residue on one corner (The only frustrating one is the leather) cause the stack to stick together. It looks as if the QR code stickers were replaced at some point. It’s a bit of an unpolished presentation for all of my materials to have sticker residue on them.

Not a real issue on the masked wood/acrylic but annoying on the leather.

Side note the included letter says I’m a pre-release user not a full owner.


My leather and veneers came like that too.

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Don’t make the same mistake I did and accidentally cut through two sheets of veneer because they were stuck together. :-/


Seems they are still making their way through PG stock manufactured before the labeling changes. Had to pull all of the old labels.


Why didn’t they just put the new ones over the old ones?


Yeah, it’s understandable, but still. Not the most polished of products being sent out.

Oh no - please either email support or post in Problems & Support so the team knows!