Proofgrade materials or my machine or me

I am new to Glowforge. Although I received in March, I didn’t unpack until May and have only used it…maybe 2 hours of printing time. I have printed a couple of projects on proofgrade material (purchased from Glowforge). My glowforge did not recognize the material. I didn’t think much about it, because, as I typed in the product, it did appear on a list of options. Now my question is…the glowforge did not completely cut thru. Am I supposed to need to adjust settings when using proofgrade materials or is there something wrong here.

start with cleaning all the lenses. It should cut trough with the glowforge setting.


Glowforge guarantees that the Proofgrade material will cut with Proofgrade settings as long as the material is held flat against the honeycomb tray and all of the optics and fans are clean. Can you share a photo of the project that didn’t cut?


Thank you so much for your response. I did not take a picture and now reqret it. I am going to try tonight and will definately take pictures. I had decided that I would pull the tape off, thinking that it was a hinderance in the “cutting-thru” process.

Hi Lisa,
Since this is a public forum, may want to remove any info. that you don’t want shared with all of the world.


Thank you. I will try that.

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