Proofgrade materials Shipping lead time


As an Amazon Prime user, I really enjoy the ease of purchase and 2Day shipping available from Amazon Prime. Since the Glowforge Mothership is on the other side of the country from me, I’m hoping we can get stuff to us faster than 5 days on the East coast. I just bought some Rowmark Aluminum from Amazon


I actually didn’t mean to post this, apparently it was saved somewhere and when I went to create another post it put it up. I am still hoping for better lead time on materials, and Amazon has done a great job even with Sunday delivery in my rural area.


Serendipity. Maybe glowforge can send 2 day/prime style shipping in areas where it makes sense to their very large hopper.


Why not sell it through Amazon? Lose some markup profit or unhappy customers?


Oh man, prime has ruined my shipping time patience. Something takes 3 days instead of 2 and it feels like a century.


I’d be happy with a choice of shipping methods. Inventables only ships ground (unless that changed - it’s been a while) and that drives me nuts.


You think that’s bad? I’ve been getting used to same-day!


We’re in Amazon’s hometown and some of the team here are ex-Amazon so we all aspire to have quick shipping too! That said, it’s very much in the hopper, as it requires a great deal of logistics work to do it affordably.


Glowforge Prime? Funny, my home zip code is not eligible, but my work address is.


They just built a huge distribution warehouse 10mi away. Lots of stuff coming way faster than before. And Sunday delivery without extra cost! Wooo!