Proofgrade materials without finish?


Not sure if this is the right place for this post

All of the proofgrade wood materials have a finish on them. Any chance we can get material that is as high-grade as the ones GF sells, but without finishes? I would like to stain and otherwise do treatments. The wood is pretty, but feels like a countertop, which isn’t always desirable.


I love prefinished :proofgrade: but I agree that on occasion it would be nice to have the same QC on unfinished woods.


I use a lot of proofgrade, plywood included, but find that at times the finish is a little too “perfect”. I use 1/8" plywood from Johnson Plastics ( It needs to be cut down slightly to use in the GF, but has been very consistent over several orders. I especially like using the mahogany. Sometimes I add a finish, sometimes not. They also have faux wood sheets at a reasonable price. I end up putting my own masking on them using vinyl masking.


Seconding that request.

There have been times I’m grateful for the finish, but others where I want to integrate some Proofgrade into my own materials (usually veneer inlayed into a chunk of my own walnut), and want to apply my own finish to both for consistency. It would be great to have the option.


Since were making a wood wish list, more variety plz! I’d love to see Alder as an option.


I like the finish on Proofgrade better than some of the Johnson Plastics finishes, but I do like their unfinished laminates and woods. And their customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend them.


Another wood source is Cards Of Wood. They sell printed wood items, but also sell sheets of unfinished wood 2-ply veneer and 1/8" plywood. The nice thing about their plywood is that it is 12"x18", so it doesn’t have to be cut down to fit in the GF like 12"x24" does.


Thanks for all the material suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.