Proofgrade outside USA

I just got another referral (which is awesome) but I can’t spend my referral credit because I am a foreigner :slight_smile:

When will us non-muricans get to be able to buy these materials?

I did once get some shipped to my company HQ in the states but the cost of getting it home made it something I could only do in a pinch.

Proofgrade and snap marks are the things I am nost itching for in 2019 :slight_smile:


This doesn’t answer your question, but you could choose to get the referral credit as cash instead of shop credit.

Yeah. I do like the proofgrade materials, though, and it feels more like I would be supporting Glowforge by doing the materials route rather than cash money :slight_smile:

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I found a reshipper in montana so trying an order via them - wish me luck :wink:

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