Proofgrade Package Arrived!

Long time lurker, first-time writing a post so I just put it in everything else.

I have not received my golden email yet, but the makerspace that I run at my high school has!!! So it should not be too long before I will have a couple Pros to play with! I would have liked to post from the schools makerspace account but unfortunately, because the pros were bought through a grant by an outside organization, the school is not the owner yet, so no account :cry:. The organization contacted support a week or two ago but hasn’t heard back yet. I’m trying to be patient, but I have grant money to spend on materials that is going away come the new year so I’d really like to get materials ordered sooner rather than later.

On a different note, because the delivery address is a school, UPS My Choice is not available. Given how many of the shipping notifications from Glowforge seem to come the day of or after delivery, does anyone know a better way for me to track the incoming machines?

Thank you for any and all suggestions. Can’t wait to start lasering!


If it helps, I think the shipping notification issue is regional, and may have improved. I believe the people who got notifications after delivery were very close to the glowforge manufacturing site (southern California). I recently got my proofgrade shipping notification from glowforge before it showed up in UPS MyChoice.

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Depends on your location. Glowforge does email tracking info; I think by and large, those who have had their units arrive with no tracking info received were extremely close to the factory in CA. Do you fit that bill?

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Thank you @jbmanning5 and @eeigenbrodt that is good to know. Being in Chicago, I think all is good then!

Expanding on this, I just received my alert and tracking info from GlowForge but, interestingly, have yet to receive any alerts from UPS My Choice. Since I signed up with UPS I’ve received several alerts for other packages, so the absence of any so far for the GF stuff is odd.
Anyway, I guess I’m saying that not having access to UPS MyChoice might not be as huge a factor as you fear. If you get the alert email from GF (and you aren’t super close to the CA factory) you should still have enough time to check the tracking and stay ahead of it.


I’d send Support (or Rita) an email and ask if there’s something she can do - it’d be a shame to lose the grant money this close to delivery just because of the technical issue with the account setup.

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