Proofgrade Price

Hi All,
I was going to buy some acrylic, and I noticed that the price of proof grade acrylic (and other stuff too) just doubled! Is this just a glitch or do I actually need to pay 31 dollars for a plywood sheet?

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No. They announced that due to rising material costs they’re raising prices.

Fortunately acrylic is pretty much the same regardless of where you get it so there are many cheaper sources online.

PG plywood is only available through GF but other sources of good ply are also out there and cheaper - just unfinished and unmasked which you can do yourself.


This, except make sure you’re getting cast acrylic and not extruded (most often cast will have paper masking while extruded has plastic masking). Extruded is cheaper - but it doesn’t change colour when you engrave it so it only works if you’re cutting or engraving and then paint-filling.

Wood has something like tripled in price everywhere…so you can save money if you’re willing to put in the time/effort to mask before cutting and then sand and finish after - but if time is your important factor there’s nothing like PG.


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