Proofgrade refill

I couldn’t decide, so I went with semi-random assortment. Unfortunately, the shipment arrived missing the 6 pieces of draftboard I was hoping to use to refine some designs before wasting the good stuff. (have already contacted support)

I also wasn’t paying close attention to how small the small bits of acrylic are. At least I can see what colors I like before going back for more usable quantities. Shame it takes so long to arrive… I’m hoping I can find a more local source for cast acrylic.


I get cast acrylic from Amazon. It’s pretty consistent and have never had an issue. Unlike BB ply, it doesn’t seem to matter which supplier either. With Prime I’m never more than a couple of days from getting some. I just don’t have a viable local alternative :slightly_frowning_face:


If you have a local Tap Plastics, be sure to check their scraps bin, tons of cheap (usually clear, but sometimes more fun colors) pieces in there.