Proofgrade Sale?

I was excited to wake up yesterday to a proofgrade sale…and then, not so much. I noticed that the walnut veneer was on sale, marked down by a whole penny.

Zoomed out to discover that every product in the “sale” was marked down by $0.01. Even after I added them to my cart.

Glowforge, you can do better than this. I know times are tough, but cutting prices by a single penny does not a sale make.


You’re sure right…that’s ridiculous…but, I’m sure just an error. This is no longer monitored by support so I will send them an email to give them a head’s up.


Seems to imply the sale is in quantity not per single item. The 1c is just a marker. This is noted on the main page…


You are right! Pretty fine print and easy to miss, I think.


The email they sent out was very clear - but a lot of folks opt out of those :person_shrugging:


Greetings -
It did seem cheesy, but then I noticed the 40% off on 15+ items and took the opportunity to restock after my table lamp project. Great timing, and helped reduce the cost of that project, sort of. :slight_smile:


Good catch. I totally missed that. I’ll put down my outrage and get back to lasering.


Perhaps they are getting ready to raise prices again, and the price after $0.01 discount represents a significant saving over what’s to come. :person_shrugging:

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They had the 48* wood at 50% off last month and even though it is more expensive than the 20x12 wood, after the 50% off it was less expensive enough to get even if you had a basic.

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