Proofgrade selection?

I’m just wondering… How is the proofgrade selection? I wish we could see the items in the store even if we cannot purchase them until our GF arrives…

From memory, three colors/types of veneer (finished with adhesive backing): maple, cherry, walnut. Same three flavors of plywood in medium (3mm) and thick (5mm). Hardwood comes in smaller sheets of the same finished flavors, but adds basswood, red oak and poplar. Three thicknesses of leather (thin only comes in small sheets). Something like eight colors of single color acrylic, some opaque, some translucent. Some spare parts and packing parts. Three thicknesses of draftboard (MDF).


Thank you!

Pretty good from memory but there are only two thickness of draftboard at the moment, nominaly 1/8" and 1/4"

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