Proofgrade settings vs standard settings

Dan has mentioned the proof grade material presets accounting for all kinds of things, power level, cut speed, kirf adjustments.

Will all of these settings be manually adjustable as well for non-proof grade materials or tweaking settings on proof grade materials?

I know cut speed / power level will be accessible, just checking if any of the other functionality would be too.


My hope is that all the settings are in a viable table and the gf settings are locked but we have the ability to add rows and be able to do the same settings that are populated for proof grade


We haven’t finalized the non-Proofgrade UI yet. (Or the proograde UI, for that matter). But thanks for the suggestion!

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I think it’s important that all of the parameters are available to the user regardless of what the material is. Paying a premium for quality and ease of use is fine, artificially restricting our ability to work towards quality results would be a different kettle of fish. I think we’d all be unhappy if non-Proofgrade materials were limited by design.


There should be a standard setting that the proof grade provide… then have that number locked so there is at least a approx. setting that we can slide left or right to slow or use more power. As of right now I don’t think it works very well on non PG which is a huge disappointment because the PF materials are almost twice as much… if it was cheaper or have a discount sale on them I would probably buy PG material…

Wouldn’t you say that’s close to the way it works now, where you can choose a Proofgrade setting, then change it to manual and make whatever adjustments you want?


In what way? I usually use PG settings for non-PG acrylic without any issue. For Baltic Birch I use Med Maple Ply and those work fine although if I’ve had to pin it to the bed I will usually drop the speed 5 points or so.

Cardstock, matteboard & tiles I dialed in my settings doing some tests and just reuse those. I keep a sample of each new material project and write the settings on the back so I can look for something I’ve done before that I want to replicate - makes it easy to get the settings I need.

I wonder if you’re missing something in how to use the app. Feel free to let us know what issue you’re having and I’m sure somebody will be happy to help.

Wow! I’ve always found the pricing to be comparable to most material sellers (johnson, inventables, etc.) . Where the heck are you finding similar materials for nearly HALF the price?!

Michael’s is my choice for wood since they have the cleanest looking ones… they also have weekly deals that makes a 12x24 around 5 bucks for 1/4 inch thick pieces. I also go to tap plastics a lot… more often then I should they offer me discounts as well… I’m just getting into leather and Michaels also offer that as well on a discount price.