Proofgrade Shipping email before the Glowforge

I just received this email. I have to admit, while I would be MUCH more excited if it was the actually forge, it’s pretty exciting to anticipate getting something tangible :slight_smile: They also included the Inventables $50 gift code. Time to go shopping…

Hi Zach,

Your first box is almost there! We want you to get started printing the minute your Glowforge arrives, so we’ve expedited your Proofgrade materials to ensure they arrive ahead of everything else.

Your first shipment contains $150 worth of hand-selected Proofgrade materials, including:

Four 6"x12" sheets of Medium Maple Hardwood

Four 12"x20" sheets of Medium Maple Plywood

Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Draftboard

Two 12"x20" sheets of Medium Clear Acrylic

One 12"x20" sheet of Walnut Veneer, with 3M tape

One 12"x20" sheet of Maple Veneer, with 3M tape

Two 5"x10" sheets of Natural Leather

We’ve also added a third sheet of Draftboard beyond the $150 worth of starter materials, at no extra charge. That sheet is for you to save in case our support team needs you to print on it for troubleshooting. If you ask us for help, we’ll often need you to try a print on Proofgrade material, so we want to make sure you have a piece of it if needed. Save this free third sheet of Draftboard in case our support team asks you to use it for a test print.




That’s a classy touch! Way to go GF!


All credit to the good folks here - I believe it was a suggestion from the forum!


Oh wow I actually got so excited I missed the fact that we got a $50 Inventables gift code!!!

Thank you for posting this. Redeeming mine now. :slight_smile:


I too got this same e-mail yesterday already spent my $50 gift card on some wood to include purple heart

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It’s out for delivery today. If I get it, and just look at it really hard, any chance you think my laser like focus will actually let me engrave anything? :wink: