Proofgrade shipping email received - how long before the real stuff?

So I got my “do you want your Glowforge” email on Oct 25, and on Saturday 11/4 I got the tracking number for the box of Proofgrade materials, supposed to arrive this Wednesday 11/8. Anyone have any insight on how long that means it might be before the good stuff shows up?

I also decided to get a rolling toolchest base as the location for the Glowforge to sit. The drawers can hold all the different types of materials as well as tools and parts for my CNC router. The rolling part will be useful for moving it away from the wall when running material through the passthrough slot. That toolchest is also supposed to arrive on Wednesday. So I will have a chest with drawers full of material, just waiting for something to sit on top and make some smoke.



I don’t know if there is anyway to know right now (given they are actively ramping/challenging production) but looking at the spreadsheet (“Crowdsource GF Shipping board”) it seems like 3-6 weeks after the original “do you want” email is roughly when people tended to get package tracking - then 1-10 days more for shipping.

BTW if your up for it, post pictures of your cart tool chest!

Somewhere between days and weeks (based on experience and user experiences posted on the board), your mileage may vary.

I cataloged my timings here if you’re interested:

For those of you still waiting here’s a big picture of what my timeline looked like (taking delivery in WA):
Received golden email on estimated date.
1 week later I received shipping notification for proofgrade materials.
1 week and 1 day later I received the proofgrade box
2 more days and the Glowforge showed up in UPS my choice scheduled for delivery in 2 days.
2 days later, ups updates my status indicating an error in sorting (only one box made it out of CA) delaying my shipment by a day.
The next day (today) I received Gary.

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My PG stuff arrived last Thursday. Still no UPS alert for the Big Guy. As I’m flying out tonight ill probably get it first thing tomorrow. :persevere:

So I just got the tracking number email!

Overall timeline thus far:
Pre-ordered 10/15/15,
“Shipping” Email 10/25/17,
Proofgrade shipping email w/ tracking on 11/4,
Proofgrade arrived on 11/8.
Glowforge shipping email 11/17,
UPS says it’s supposed to arrive 11/24. Woo hoo!


So the GF Pro came on Friday. The box was undamaged save for three of the four handles being missing. Got it up and running with no difficulty. Here it is on the cart, as you requested.

The unit sits nicely on the top of the cart. The drawers hold materials to be lasered, safety gear, measuring equipment (calipers, etc), and parts for my CNC router as well

So far, so good!


Congrats! :grinning:

Thanks for the picture! The fit look excellent, that cabinet looks like a winner as the stand for the GF!

The fit is good. As a bonus, there is a retractable shelf that slides out just below the top (has two handles). Will be useful for supporting pass-thru material or other items.

The tool chest came from Northern Tool. I have another identical one that has been used for several years with no issues.

All the drawers hold proofgrade material just fine. Main drawback is the price- >$600 plus freight shipping. It also weighs about 250 lbs empty- very sturdy but you’re not carrying it upstairs by yourself!