Proofgrade shipping issues

Not sure if this is where this goes as it’s my first post but I ordered a glowforge last week and immediately ordered some proofgrade supplies. The delivery time is at least 7 days and today my order arrived with damaged pieces. Is this the norm? I chose the glowforge over a muse for the convenience of proofgrade but so far it has been anything but. I’m seriously considering not accepting delivery of the glowforge and pursuing another option. I’ve emailed to deal with my damaged piece but I wanted actual user opinions.

delivery time seems to vary based on your location (materials ship from tennessee) and on their backlog. i’m in virginia and it normally takes me about 4-5 business days. a couple of days to fulfill, then a couple of days to ship. they ship UPS ground, so your time will vary based on your distance from the shipping center.

it might be nice to have a faster shipping option, but you would definitely pay for that. significantly.

My damaged order came FedEx today.

interesting. where are you located?

there were definitely some issues earlier with the boxes they were shipping in, but the last two orders I got they had fixed the box flap problem. thankfully no damage for me in any of mine. i’ve seen a few reports of damaged materials here, but we haven’t seen rampant damage reports. hopefully you were just unlucky.

I’m in PA the long acryllic is broken and the smaller boards were just loose in the box so theres some damaged corners which shouldnt interfere with my cuts but still we are paying a premium for top grade stuff not damaged seconds.

i’m guessing you ordered the longer pro material? that may change who they ship with. i haven’t ordered anything bigger than 12x20.

they will replace anything that got damaged in shipping.

Yep the big guy.

Glowforge is sending me a new one so that’s cool. Cant wait to get working.


Ugh. Sucks to have to wait for replacement material, but silver lining: you got some (still decently-sized) free acrylic scraps to play with!

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Well machine isnt coming til Wednesday so I’ve got some time lol

I am in Ohio and I placed an order on Weds last week, right before Thanksgiving. I received it today (5 days later), which included weekend and holiday time. I am pretty impressed by how fast they shipped it. Apparently they shipped from Tennessee, according to the label. So I’d say even with the holiday rush they are doing pretty good, it’s probably worth the wait at least in my opinion. The more I use PG the more I realize it’s not worth my time/effort to use other materials :slight_smile:


Just counted 11 orders placed since my Glowforge arrived 4 months ago (somehow I keep running out sooner than I think). And every single order has come in pristine condition with no problems whatsoever. Some took just 4 days, a few just over a week. Thanks to the Glowforge :glowforge: and proofgrade :proofgrade: folks for such a superior product, and thanks to my local UPS guys for not messing up any deliveries.


I apologize about the damaged item you received and the delivery time. Since we resolved this issue over email, I am going to close this thread.

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