Proofgrade Shipping

What is the shipping time estimate for Proofgrade to the Boston Area? I have a time sensitive project and would like to use Proofgrade but need it here quickly. Is there a way to rush it?


Should originate from Nashville for UPS shipping to Boston. Ordered Tuesday AM - arrived Friday in rural WV.


I already ordered some material once I received THE EMAIL. It was delivered in 2 days to PA. The sample material included with the Glowforge was shipped on Friday and should be here tomorrow.


Looks like 3 days to Boston. So Thursday if it ships today. You can go here to find estimated shipping transit times from UPS:

PG Shipping Map


What type are you needing? And do you needing a large quantity? I may have some if you need some. The cutoff in my area is 4 PM if you needed to be shipped out today. PM if interested.


Well, hello, Glowneighbor! We’re about an hour from each other.


Thanks @karaelena ! I really appreciate it but its for a work related project and we need several sheets of acrylic, veneer and plywood.


It took about a week to get to Medford last time I ordered some (ordered Friday evening, got it on Thursday the next week).

What do you need? I’m not too far away.


I’m in Maine and from order to doorstep took 3 days


I’m still getting used to saying that I live in PA. Moved here last fall from NJ. But I think I’ve spent most of the last year in Houston. I am glad I am not there today, but I hope Jules and company are ok.


This has certainly been an adventure so far. We’re okay, and have had no water in the house yet, so we’re counting our blessings, but it has been too close for comfort a couple of times over the last few days.

Last night, about 2:00 am our time, the water came up higher than we’ve ever seen it, the streets were running rivers - fortunately we caught a break in the bands right before it reached the slab, and it was receded by this morning. It’s starting to fill up again now, so we might get another pass at it due to ground saturation. Maybe not - the rain is currently light.

We’re exhausted and cranky, living on nerves, but happy to still be here and still mostly dry, so on balance it’s rainbows and unicorns. The folks to the south of us were not as lucky, and they are going to have to do a controlled release on the Addicks reservoir today, so homes in low lying areas will likely be flooded, if they aren’t already. If the dam breaks, they will all be flooded, so it’s not a happy decision to have to make. The entire city will be shut down for several more days.

It’s amazing how small you feel when you come up against nature. :no_mouth:

(And in keeping with the title of the OP, I picked a bad time to order a proofgrade shipment.) :smile:


I think it would take a while to build a boat with the GF.

Glad to know you’re safe. A few clients and colleagues that I know have had to be rescued.


Look :eye::eye:… It’s the USS Jules Hedgeforge lasering all the things!!!


I feel so terrible for the people who got caught under the worst of it. It was biblical in scope.

We’ve got a few people to help once we can get around the city again too.


Thanks everyone for the input! I’m amazed at how helpful and gracious you all are! I placed my order so hopefully it will get here in time (best case the end of the week). Thank you @karaelena and @joe for offering their private stashes - my order was for 8 sheet of 1/4 clear acrylic, 5 sheet of maple veneer, and 4 sheets of medium maple plywood (I’d be shocked and amazed if you were stocking this! :wink: )


It would probably look incredible, given Jules’ talents.

@markwarfel: apologies for hijacking your thread


ROFL! Last night about 1:30, I picked up the cardboard box for the PRU an set it on a couple of chairs. The Glowie is on a four foot high table, but I knew I’d need the box one day too.

(your brain really doesn’t work real well on lack of sleep. It made sense at the time.)

Oh yes, sorry for threadjacking too.


Maybe., But perhaps we could find enough locals to cobble together a stash. I have some of those pieces in the house now.


Thanks for asking @markwarfel, we’d love you to be able to have the Proofgrade in time to complete your project. Can you email with your order details?