Proofgrade Starter Pack Arrived!



My :proofgrade: Proofgrade Starter Pack arrived earlier this week and it made the fact that my :glowforge: Pro arrives soon even more real. Now I have a vent to make…bench to clean…


…dinner to serve… :laughing:


Wow, your house is so…neat and tidy. (Bwahahahahahah!) :wink:


Yea, I don’t buy it. He’s obviously a professional house stager. Those oranges aren’t real.



I seem to recall my house being tidy before the Glowforge…once long ago… :wink:


:laughing: I’m between gigs (corporate guy) and my wife works 5am-2pm baking bread, so I’m tasked with keeping the kitchen ready for her to do her magic when she gets home. And, yes, my ex was an interior designer, so I have staging skills. :smiley:. I know that I’m amazingly lucky now to be married to my high school sweetheart, so I keep the bed made and kitchen clean (at least until the ‘forge arrives :smirk: ).


Welcome to Limbo! Time moves slowly here.