Proofgrade Sticker Glue

It would be nice if the stickers were easily repositionable…


You could take a picture of them and print your own out on repositionable material.

Obviously. Or they could do it the best way originally and not have hundreds/thousands of people finding a work around. :slight_smile:


Totally agree @kim1032 At the VERY least GF should provide the High Res PDF’s of each of the stickers so you can easily print new ones. I know they have to have a folder with all of them somewhere as they printed them originally. Uploading them to the portal for customers to use would be VERY helpful!

I tried taking a picture and recreating them and its a PIA, having a file would be much better.


Because it’s so hard to click on the PG item in the dropdown? :wink:

Hey, I’m a click-killer at work for our products but the two required here aren’t on my list of issues - remember they’re going to a printed UV code on the masking that you won’t even see. At best repositionable stickers would be a short-term thing.

They’re not just one for each type of material. They change with the production lot of the material. Two stickers for PG Medium Maple Plywood aren’t the same.


I was wondering that – I know if I end up cutting into the sticker, I just select the material from the drop-down. Never really concerned about re-positioning or needing another sticker…


So if they are never the same, maybe they can send a universal version for each of the types of wood and thickness so at least the machine knows how to set the cut settings.

Have you used the drop-down menu for materials to get the settings?

Yes I am using that more now especially as I start to use my own non “PG” materials but they are 100% the same, as Solid Maple is Solid Maple.

So to that point it’s a little less necessary, but call me a Geek but I like the sticker/automation aspect of the QR code.

I would like to be able to easily remove them in case they effect the engraving.

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I’m enough of a geek to remember when clicking a mouse twice was easier than typing a series of commands (or moving stickers around, for that matter). :wink:


I can understand that. So far, I haven’t run into a problem with that.

I haven’t either. I just took the time to remove the sticker and didn’t risk it. Probably didn’t have to do so.

Don’t much care one way or another but I’m guessing the QRs are as much about inventory and lot/quality tracking for the company. A generic version would screw with that.

I always select through the drop-down anyway because the automatic recognition is good but has not been infallible. When/if they get the planned UV QR codes spread across the masking that would all change.


I turn the board over.

GF has already said they will be using some sort of ink that the camera can detect but is not visible to the eye, instead of the stickers. Your post here isn’t going to accelerate the arrival of that by one second. They are already well aware that people don’t like the stickers. I was just trying to provide you with a viable alternative while you wait.

Personally, I’d rather they just leave the sticker off altogether, as it’s a major PITA to try and remove, and it does effect engraving that crosses the area with the sticker.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.

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