Proofgrade Store

I went to the store today to order some PG materials.

My “delayed shipment” ($180) credit was applied as a $40 “unspecified” credit and a $140 “Glowforge Credit”

My order came to about $90, the store applied my 10% founders discount and the $40 “unspecified credit” but I could find no way to use the $140 “Glowforge credit”.

I cancelled the order, pending resolution of this.

I put this question in to support@glowforge on Thursday, but no answer yet.

Anybody else have this problem?

I’ve never had a problem but when you get it resolved push it over $100 and get free shipping!


Email support and they will fix it for you. I had a similar problem and they quickly fixed it. :sunglasses:


This is support. No need to e-mail, additionally. In fact, doing both has tended to confuse and slow the process.

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Thanks for letting us know!

I apologize for the delay in our response - we received your email about this and we responded there.