Proofgrade Swap Meet - Idea / Discussion

Wondering if it would be a good idea to have a centralized thread where people can swap surplus/ unneeded Proofgrades for needed Proofgrades to complete a project.

I.e. I have a lot of Med. Fluorescent Pink Acrylic, But I have a project that requires 3 sheets of Thick Purple Acrylic. I am willing to part with the pink (or anything I don’t need) for proofgrade I do need.

Here is an example of what I mean-

I have -
5x (5x10) - Medium Red Acrylic
2x (12x20) - Medium Green Acrylic
2x (5x10) - Thick Fluorescent Green Acrylic
7x (12x20) - Thick Clear Acrylic
9x (12x20) - Meduim Fluorescent Pink Acrylic
5x (5x10) - Meduim Fluorescent Pink Acrylic

I need -
3x (12x20) - Thick Purple Acrylic
3x (12x20) - Thick Fluorescent Green Acrylic

Then contact the person directly via a PM to figure out the details on the swap.
This should keep the swap thread fairly clean and quick to scan thru other people surplus.

The idea is not to create a profit center to folks that have out of stock items but to help other people that are in a bind. So fair trade is advisable and welcomed.

If this is something that a good number of people think this is a good idea, I’ll create another thread for the actual swapping and please use the format example above.


Can’t hurt. :slightly_smiling_face:

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One of the things that is often recommended is to do the swap through PayPal (or the like). Both sides claim the full retail of the item as if it’s a sale so if someone doesn’t follow through, it’s covered. There’s a cost to that (PayPal’s fee), but it might be worth it for bigger swaps.


I’m sure there are those that would make use of and appreciate it.

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