Proofreader material shipping

My glowforge just arrived today!!! Woohoo!
However the materials didn’t ship with it. Did everybody else receive their materials a little after their glowforge or did they come all together. And if it wasn’t all together how long after did they arrive?


There’s absolutely no way to tell. They both ship from different locations. :neutral_face:
(Congrats on getting the Glowie in though!) :slightly_smiling_face:

The Glowforge and sample materials ship from separate facilities at different times.

Some people have reported receiving their materials first, others (like myself) got their Glowforge first. Differences in arrival times have varied widely, from a day or two to weeks.

You should have received an email about your materials with shipping information.

Proofgrade ships from Tennessee. Machines ship from California.

Glowforge usually tries to ship the Proofgrade first, so it will arrive shortly before the big Glowforge box shows up but if UPS has some unexpected delay then that can disrupt the usual order of things.

Thanks for the replies! Hopefully they show up soon!

Run out to Woodcraft & buy some 1/8" Baltic Birch. Or to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and get their craft wood or chipboard (which is really a dense cardboard). Even thin (1/8") MDF from Home Depot should work (not the tempered kind).

For Baltic Birch I find telling the GF that it’s PG Maple Medium Ply works fine and MDF is PG Draftboard. :wink: