Protect Proofgrade plywood

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Can any of you tell me how to protect wood against burn marks? Where can I find a paper that covers the plate as for those sold by Glowforge?

I don’t know if I’m clear…

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What you are looking for is Masking. (they currently seem to be out of everything except 6".
there are other suppliers, and price varies.


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You can also find it on Amazon:


Beware that amazon link, it’s 100’ not 100 yards. It’s about triple the price you’ll pay at sign warehouse and others.


I use this, $54 for 100 yds. The tack is pretty light. Every once in a while, if I don’t scrape it down well, I’ll get a little burn off the sides from secondary passes.


Proofgrade plywood, what you get with the machine and buy from GlowForge directly, is already masked and protected as in it has a finish applied to the faces. If you are not using Proofgrade materials, you will need to apply masking as mentioned by the others. If you are still getting burn marks on Proofgrade material, you may have an incorrect material selection, incorrect settings, or a problem with the setup or laser. If the latter is what you are referring to, please post a picture so that we can take a look.

For masking materials in your area you may want to look at Colad, a company that makes masking materials. They may be able to provide assistance on the best material for your needs and provide distributor information.

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Hello everyone !
Sorry to answer you so later …
A big thanks to you for your advice :slight_smile: So I’ll look for transfer paper! If ever I’ve a problem I come back to see you :wink:
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