PSA: Frosted Acrylic

Dang, really wish I would have checked, but I just messed up a ton of my Christmas orders because I didn’t see which side of my PG frosted acrylic was frosted :disappointed_relieved:

Basically, the last three of the smaller sheets I used the side with the QR code was the smooth side, but I assumed that my next sheet would be the same; it wasn’t…

Anyway, I figured I’d put it out there to ALWAYS double check your materials for possible mishaps like this one. Hopefully this post helps someone else, and future me!


Good to know. Thanks

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Yup, I ran into the same thing last year.

I was hoping they would have standardized this by now.

Edit: found my post from then.


Thanks for the heads up.


Yeah, I remember reading this post! I think it’s because I used acrylic from two different batches, but still. What’s annoying is this is the second time that it happened to me, the first time was definitely my fault for assuming the direction when I hadn’t used it in a while. This time I suppose counts as my fault as well, it doesn’t take too long to check. I was just stressed out and tired last night so I thought I would post this out there for anyone else to see.


I have tried to check before using too but still forget sometimes

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Just today I’m glad I double checked because again it was reversed from the last few I used. I’m not sure how consistent the larger sheets of it are, but it seems like it’s inconsistent with the smaller sheets :roll_eyes:

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