PSA: Warranties Ending, Check Your Machine

Hey All,

Ran into a bit of bad luck with my GF this week. After lots and back and forth with the team about an ongoing print issue I’ve been having it looks like it can’t be fixed, and my warranty is now up.

Big whoopsie on my part for not reporting the issue sooner, but it looks like it’s going to cost $200 smackeroos just to have it looked at. So while I am weighing out my options I figured I would remind others.

Check your machines, report issues as soon as you find them. In my case one side of my machine fails to cut 100% consistently, I let it slide until it really annoyed me and then it was too late.



One thing to look at (separate from Glowforge) is to see if the credit card you purchased with has any sort of extended warranty which might cover the costs. AmEx doubles manufacturer warranties up to an additional one or two years, depending on card, state, and date of purchase. A number of Visa / MasterCards do the same.

You may have a means of recovering the costs.


I had luck, my GF had an issue almost two months before the warranty expired and I received a replacement unit :slight_smile:


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