Psst. hey you... wanna see...?


Wanna see what 210+ pieces of 12x20x1/8 inch Baltic birch and about 30 pieces of same size acrylic?




That’s practically pornographic… (Checks the post title)
Title checks out.

How many boards did you have to cut up??


The stacks are 14 sheets at 60x60 inch(15 units of 12x20). On the 15th sheet I had a 44.5 x 22 inch panel get cut out so I could put that in the open window after I cut a dryer hose sized hole in it. /Wink.

The remainder of that 15th in slightly larger and smaller pieces is on the left, along with a couple lacquered 12x20 baltic birch, some MDF, and some lacquered slices of the maple tree that was lightning struck last fall.

Behind that is a bunch of tools and odds and ends. Rolls of foam, all the embossing powder and heating gun stuff @Xabbess showed off, rubber cement, hockey tape, 3 kinds of decorative chain, and a 3d printer I still need to fix and pay a guy back for with a set of tileplates. …At least that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

You’re right, looking at all that possibility is suggestive.


Yep, total material porn. You should probably send it to my house so as not to corrupt yourself. :smiley:

PSSST…wanna trade some puppies for tha material? I can make it worth your while…



Very cute.


Love how the anime character seems to be smirking at us…


:heart_eyes_cat: Wow!

Your Glowforge is coming today, right? This should probably last till the end of the week. Probably. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Coincidentally, I just spent part of last weekend cutting down 5’x5’ sheets of 1/8" baltic birch into 12"x20" and 8"x20" pieces. My stack is not as big as yours. I think I only have 60ish sheets in mine. I did not count.

The baltic birch was on sale last week at my local wood source. So it was a good time to do it.


Is it just the camera angle, or is the table feeling a little strain in the middle there?


I was thinking the same thing!


Does it mean you’re a sick individual when looking at a stack of plywood and acrylic inspires lust, or just a maker? :laughing:


That should be a good start. I recognize that table. Wasn’t it meant for the :glowforge:


Just a maker. The sick individual comes into play if you take that into physical activities OUTSIDE of making. (Not to be mistaken for inspiration for physical activities outside of making.)


Just the camera angle. The legs on the table pyramid in a bit.


While that is good news, it clearly means only 1 thing. You do not have enough material on the table, yet.


I’ll stack it up and clear it off a bit




“The Wood Source”? Or KJP?


KJP. Their sale was over last weekend though.

I’ve not tried Wood Source for baltic birch yet. I should go check their prices.

Someone also pointed me to this place:, which is in the East end of Ottawa.

I sent them an email yesterday to ask about their product and prices, but have not received a response yet.