Psst. hey you... wanna see...?

Bury is HUGE! They are a wholesaler to industry . Many companies I worked for used them. I am not sure if you need an account to buy from them, but if not, I would buy from them anytime.

Once a few years back, a company I was working for bought several lifts of plywood from them. The sheets started delaminating. Robin Bury (Roberts daughter or grand daughter?) Showed up right away with a rep from the plywood maker. Refunds and replacements were right away. They are really nice folk.


That should cover the first 24 hours, what will you do the next day? :wink:
looks pretty good, my stash isn’t that new looking anymore, and the glowforge table and area have become a landing ground for randomness…again. this time I’m waiting for the e-mail, otherwise it’s wash, rinse, repeat.


Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s plywoods. Or acrylics.


I sort of lack big power saws and stuff, so I have to have precut to size, if whatever store can do that.

Looks like someone will have no time for posting very soon.

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Still have time for forums while it is printing.

Whoa… :squeee:

That should have a raincoat, lol