Public Glowforge in Northern New Jersey


Hello all, just got my Glowforge yesterday and wanted to let you know it is out in the open at my jewelry store in Union, New Jersey, Walter Bauman Jewelers. I’ll be happy to let anyone come see it or bring in a design that we can try!


Very cool!



Nice idea!


Hmmmm 51 Miles… Can’t imagine my wife would give me a hard time, for running up to a jewelry store to look at some items… My golden e-mail arrived 10/30 - Can’t wait!!


I suggest you obfuscate that starting address (showing in your directions in the step-by-step part), as this forum is viewable by anyone in the world, even though only owners can post.

Edit: I see you did. Good move!


Great! Will you be making special gift boxes for your customers?


gonna try


Make sure to come back with some jewelry to prove your visit! (@jamesheriks Would I get a commission on that sale :rofl: )


What a wonderful gift of sharing! And a very creative marketing move. Kudos on both!